Post 1: On Farmers and the Youth

3 thoughts on “Post 1: On Farmers and the Youth”

  1. I am excited about this innovation and I like the correlation between the youths and the farmers.If Gambia is known for agriculture we should start now otherwise the future is not promising


  2. Taiwan is interesting with rural in-migration of educated youth, who are employed in new types of food production and sustainable agriculture. One lesson for the Gambia could be to extend the opportunities for vocational training of the youth, while, at the same time, launch a land-reform that improves the conditions for youth to become farmers. The skills young people get through vocational training are capitalized as off-farm labor in small-scale rural industries.
    Also, thanks a lot for introducing this blog. An excellent idea that will inspire to a highly needed discussion about policy-making in the Gambia.


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