Land and Rental Prices

3 thoughts on “Land and Rental Prices”

  1. This is great. In the first instance, it can help in land valuation for the purpose of taxation particularly by municipalities and councils.
    It can be useful for the Ministry of Local Government and GRA. Would it not be okay to estimate the square meters of the room as that can enable somebody to know the valuation of a size of a compound for example what the value of 20×20 will be.

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    1. That’s a great idea. Unfortunately, the dataset did not have the dimensions of the land or the house, but rather number of rooms in the house. We used it as a proxy for land size; the more rooms the bigger the land a size was our assumption.


  2. I think this information is also important to people who wish to engage in the rental business. As shown on the table, most of the urban areas like Serre kunda, can be use to build houses for rental purposes which am sure will be of high demand if available.

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